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Wine REPugnant

I love The Rep in Birmingham. It’s a great theatre, with a noble history (as the civic Birmingham Repertory Theatre), and the staff are invariably helpful and friendly. But I’ve been disappointed recently to see that they’re using six seven “Heatstore” electric heaters (four pictured) outside the building.

Picture shows four of the seven electric heaters outside Birmingham Rep's Wine Rep

Every evening when I pass by there, the heaters are on, over empty tables, with no-one benefiting from them. This is madness, from an environmental and a financial point of view.

I decided to let them know that I thought so, not least since Jon Bounds tells me that I’m good at complaining (I think he meant that as a compliment, and that any complaints I make are always well-founded and cogently-expressed, but I could be wrong…). The heaters actually belong to wine REPublic (see what they did, there?) the trendy wine bar within (and owned by) The Rep, so I phoned and spoke to their manager.

He told me that they’re only [sic] on for three hours each night — we don’t use them during daytime (so that’s the equivalent of having one heater on for 75% of the time 21 hours a day, then), that they are low voltage [sic] and that we aren’t allowed to discriminate against smokers, we have to give them somewhere to smoke.

230-240 volts, 1350-1500 watts'

Which leads me to ask the question, since when has discrimination against smokers been outlawed? Why have no pubs or wine bars been fined for doing so?

And if smokers are protected, why are the Rep allowed to discriminate against them in the daytime, when the temperature is still below freezing?

Bunkum & Quislings

According to a press release from B&Q, the DIY store:

… has teamed up with British designer Wayne Hemingway and HemingwayDesign to help raise awareness of the impact we are having on our planet. […] B&Q is launching ‘Body Warming Not Global Warming’. As 2008 is set to be colder than recent years, people will be leaving their heating on longer this Spring, which is why B&Q is asking everyone to save energy by turning down their heating by 1°C, and keep warm by pulling on a jumper instead.

Which is really good and community spirited of them, and only a hardened cynic would suggest that it’s “greenwashing“.

So how come they’re still selling patio heaters?