Bunkum & Quislings

According to a press release from B&Q, the DIY store:

… has teamed up with British designer Wayne Hemingway and HemingwayDesign to help raise awareness of the impact we are having on our planet. […] B&Q is launching ‘Body Warming Not Global Warming’. As 2008 is set to be colder than recent years, people will be leaving their heating on longer this Spring, which is why B&Q is asking everyone to save energy by turning down their heating by 1°C, and keep warm by pulling on a jumper instead.

Which is really good and community spirited of them, and only a hardened cynic would suggest that it’s “greenwashing“.

So how come they’re still selling patio heaters?


4 thoughts on “Bunkum & Quislings

  1. simon gray

    is it not also a bit stoopid of them to be using the words ‘global warming’ in the same press release which talks about 2008 being set to be cooler than previous years ?

  2. JackP

    …the thing that annoys me is the whole energy saving lightbulb things. You can get them EVERYWHERE, providing you want a standard lightbulb style.

    As soon as you want anything other than that, the buggers are nowhere to be found, and you feel like some sort of planet-murdering bastard if you have to buy an ordinary one.

    So in order to compensate, I’ve left my fridge door open. That’ll help cool things down again 🙂

    JackP (aka PicksyJ)


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