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If you arrived here because of Pink Floyd: The Music and The Mystery,  or one of my other books:

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Errata for Music and Mystery


  • Here’s a rather nice review of Music and Mystery by Paul Powell Jr.

    Unfortunately, Paul’s review includes some errors. I did not edit and publish 60 issues of ; the first was published and edited by Ivor Trueman, whom I joined from issue 2. Throughout the run, I had co-editors. The two fanzines were not “published at the same time”: though there was some overlap, TAP  was first by a few years. As for “friendly competition”, the other fanzine once (under its original editor) published the backwards message “tnucasittebbam” — for which no explanation was ever given — so judge for yourselves.

  • I think that Express Milwaukee‘s David Luhrssen is more of a Beatles fan.

  • Record Collector‘s Marco Rossi said: 

    Mabbett’s unquestioned Floyd expertise… makes for a largely engaging read. Commendably, his passion for the band doesn’t blind him to their less distinguished moments, and his assessment of the makeweight atrocities which blight A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, for example, is spot-on. As ever, where the Floyd are concerned, Syd Barrett is the effervescing elephant in the room: but Mabbett’s circumspect treatment of the Madcap’s cautionary tale (and its enduring influence on the band) fair gladdens the heart.


I’m featured on a new DVD, Whatever Happened To Pink Floyd?, where I’m interviewed about the band’s history from Animals to the Live8 reunion. There’s even a DVD extra, all about me!

Record Collector‘s Michael Heatle said: 

…of five talking heads, Amazing Pudding fanzine editor Andy Mabbett [is] the most knowledgeable.


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