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Unknown Beethoven symphony discovered!

0000-0001-5882-6823I heard a new — to me — piece of music the other evening, It was on ClassicFM‘s rather lovely ‘The Full Works‘, the late evening show which plays whole pieces, rather than the shorter snippets featured during the day. … Continue reading

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hAccessibility – Unhappy First Birthday

0000-0001-5882-6823It’s one year today since Bruce Lawson and James Craig published “hAccessibility“, about the misuse of the ‘abbr’ element in microformats (an issue I first raised on 20 September 2006 in Accessify Forums). As recent events show, the microformats cabal … Continue reading

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Spatial references to page layout considered harmful

0000-0001-5882-6823This screenshot (linked to a larger version) shows a TechCrunch article in Google Reader, as it appears “out of the box” (apart from cropping, blurring irrelevant content and the addition of orange highlighting). Note the position of the logo, described … Continue reading

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