Do you make comments on others’ blogs? Bookmark and share them!

You may notice (on the right hand side of this site, if you use the default view; or see image below), a list headed “My comments elsewhere”, with links to other people’s blog posts, on which I’ve recently commented.

List of the five last posts on which I commented, each linked to the post concerned

Screen shot of my recent comments, at the time of writing

I’ve been asked how I do this.

Every time I comment on a blog post — and I try to do so often, both to show my interest in others’ work, and to be part of their conversations — I bookmark that post on the site Delicious Pinboard, and tag it “comment”.

I then pass the RSS feed of all my bookmarks with that tag: to WordPress (the software I use to author and host this blog), which magically displays a list of the most recent five, as you can see.

The full feed is, of course, also available to anyone who wishes to subscribe to it in the feed reader of their choice; and my tagged comments can also be read as a web page.

In this way, as well as telling my readers what I’ve done, I bring extra attention to the blogs I comment on, thereby helping, albeit in a small way, their authors.

Why not bookmark your comments, and put a feed of them on your own blog?

Update: Delicious became awful when it relaunched, I now use Pinboard.

Update: You can also use this technique to add the list of your comments (specifically, the relevant URL on the bookmarking site) as a “work”, in your profile page on services which list your publications, such as ORCID.

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Enjoying my freelance career, helping organisations to understand on-line communities, open content, and related issues; often as a Wikimedian (or Wikipedian) in Residence.
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8 Responses to Do you make comments on others’ blogs? Bookmark and share them!

  1. Adrian Short says:

    This is a great idea. I’ll start doing it immediately. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Richard Tubb says:

    Great idea Andy! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Norman Gray says:

    Doh! That’s an excellent idea! _Why_ didn’t I think of that?

    It’ll also make me, at least, feel free to comment more, since I just hate losing track of stuff I’ve written.

  5. Andy, I think it would be more accurate to use the URI with the fragment identifier to your comment in particular. Unless of course you meant to point at the articles that you’ve commented at.

  6. Nifty. It also means that for those, like me, who don’t update their blogs all that often have a bit of active content in the sidebar.

    I think that you are right, it is better to direct people to the post rather than the comment.

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