How may I merge or duplicate Twitter accounts?

I manage multiple Twitter accounts. At some point, I will need to retire one; let’s call that Account A.

Is there a tool which will allow me, with ease, to make my Account B follow all the people currently followed by Account A?

Some people may find it useful, too, to be able to create a new account and have it follow all the people followed by an existing account which they or a third party own.

If there isn’t such a tool, would somebody care to make one?

Any such tool would need to deal with any duplicates (i.e. people already followed by Account B); and perhaps any limits set by Twitter on the number of follows made in a short period.

4 thoughts on “How may I merge or duplicate Twitter accounts?

  1. Terence Eden

    Just to clarify, you want B to follow all the people which A follows?
    That’s possible. It’s not possible to move all the people who follow A to then follow B (well, you could send them a DM, but there’s no way to make them change).

    On a simple level, you could view all of A’s friends and then click on each and then follow them.

    Automating wouldn’t be too hard – but there are API limits ( of around 350 an hour. So if you had more than that, you’d need to batch the requests.


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