Manu Sporny recommends me on LinkedIn

I hope you will forgive me for immodesty repeating Manu Sporny’s kind and fulsome recommendation of me, from my LinkedIn profile, for the benefit of those of you who don’t have accounts there:

I had worked with Andy in the Microformats community, developing international standards for the Web. During this time Andy not only excelled at providing technical feedback and review, but led several bold initiatives to standardize the classification of planetary-geo-location and living species on the web. While a logically consistent and wise technical contributor, his influence on the direction of the community was also vital. Andy’s role in questioning and influencing the core philosophy and community process was and continues to be deeply appreciated.

I’m genuinely touched by that. Thank you, Manu!

Manu Sporny is CEO of Digital Bazaar.

1 thought on “Manu Sporny recommends me on LinkedIn

  1. Ellie K.

    Wow! That is an exceptional recommendation to have posted on LinkedIn. It will serve you well for a long time. I gave a single recommendation since creating my profile on LinkedIn in mid-2007, and that person is still using it, because I get phone calls whenever he is looking for a new job. Same for me, I have one really good recommendation given to me on my profile, and it means so much to me personally. Probably helps a lot professionally too.

    I wish I had done more with cartography instead of math only: I say this after reading of your efforts to standardize planetary geo-location classification. What a fun and important career you have!


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