Facebook should allow groups to be rationalised

I’ve just had a look on Facebook, for a group for people concerned about the nasty Phorm cyber-spying system. I found these:

  • Save UK internet privacy – reject ISPs that use Phorm (1,347 members)
  • Deny Phorm (48 members)
  • Arrest Ben Verwaayen for criminal offences under RIPA with regards to Phorm (26 members)
  • Fight back against PHORM (19 members)
  • Bad Phorm! (9 members)
  • Got Phorm? (7 members)
  • Stop ISP’s from breaching customers privacy!!!! (174 members)
  • Stop BT, TalkTalk, VirginMedia From Selling Your Web Browsing Information! (38 members)
  • Things you need to know about your Virgin Media/Blueyonder/NTL Broadband (21 members)

The situation is the same, or worse, for other subjects, too.

Firstly, I wonder what it is about people, that they set up a new group, rather than searching for, and joining, an existing one?

But, more importantly, Facebook needs some sort of mechanism to encourage, and then facilitate (with the agreement of their members) such groups to merge.

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