2 Responses to Will we get a warm welcome or a cold shoulder at Tech Wednesday?

  1. Richard Tubb says:

    Andy – interesting blog post, and some fair comments made.

    Having been a part of a number of organised IT Communities for a while, I know from experience that it’s no mean feat. Whilst there are strategies that new attendees can take to help themselves to meet new people, having one or two “regulars” take responsibility for meeting and greeting newcomers, and introducing them to people within the group can help enormously.

    Having attended Tech Wednesday before myself (although I’m not a regular attendee) I’d encourage you to go along and get involved – there are some very friendly people there, and I’m sure they’d benefit from talking to you about your thoughts.

  2. Richard – thanks for the response, and as one of the organisers of Tech Wednesday, we would definitely like to encourage new faces and assure you all that they would receive a friendly welcome.

    The group was set up with developers in mind and was designed to be a technical meet up. That said, we welcome everyone who is interested in attending and getting involved, and the conversation isn’t normally limited to this sort of thing.

    Andy – We did reply to Jane privately when the comment was made some time ago. I will definitely take some of your comments on board to improve Tech Wednesday – perhaps you could come along to the next meetup? At present, it is a mixture of people involved with Science Park, people from startups and developers, and we usually see around 15 people. Of course, we also want to build on this and make continual improvements so it becomes a geuninely useful and far-reaching group.

    The next meet will be on the 15h June from 10am, and we are going to be adding a ‘show and tell’ aspect to the event, so that attendees can showcase what they are working on, gain feedback etc. This will make the meetup a little more structured and will certainly mean that everyone will be involved.

    Thanks both for the comments.


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