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The 9th and 10th QR Code commandents

Andy Mabbett replies to Terence Eden’s request for commandments for people using QR Codes. Continue reading

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An open letter to Facebook, about their broken microformats

Facebook’s hCard microformats do not conform to the specification. Continue reading

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Google Maps’ microformats: unhappy anniversary – still broken after three years

Microformats on Google’s maps have been broken, since they were introduced three years ago – and they have been aware of this ever since then. They are useless to someone wanting to add the subject’s address to their address book. Continue reading

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Overdue measurement microformat: useful for radio station frequencies

The proposed hMeasure microformat could be used to mark-up the frequencies of radio stations, making them parsable by computers. Continue reading

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How microformat developments are blocked

0000-0001-5882-6823The hCard microformat can distinguish between a person and an organisation, by the use of the org property: <div class=”vcard”> <span class=”fn”>Andy Mabbett</span> </div> <div class=”vcard”> <span class=”fn org”>The Red Cross</span> </div> but it cannot distinguish between an organisation and … Continue reading

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Suggested method of publishing microformats in Twitter posts

0000-0001-5882-6823Twitter posts like this one: We’re still deep in the Sundarbans, near Tambulbunia, meeting experts on dolphins and tigers. l:Tambulbunia, Bangladesh=22.27722,89.71905 have a place- name and corresponding coordinates (indicated by the prefix “l:”). This has allowed them to be plotted on a map. It should … Continue reading

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More Nokia N95 (and Opera Mini) wishes

0000-0001-5882-6823Dear Nokia, and Opera, When using your browsers on my N95, please can I: Copy text from a web page Disable CSS View the HTML source Parse microformats (not least hCard, to add contact details to the address book and … Continue reading

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Who do you work for, again?

0000-0001-5882-6823I can add a person to Microsoft Outlook as “Bloggs, Fred (Acme Ltd.)”, or “Acme Ltd. (Bloggs, Fred)”. These sync to my Nokia N95’s address book , or can be entered directly, as: First name = Fred Last name = … Continue reading

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