Poorly lawnmower

One thing that really irks me is when an otherwise working product fails because of one component which is not easily fixed or replaced – “built in obsolescence”, as its called. It may be good for the maker’s bottom line, but it’s bad for mine; and really bad for the environment.

Black & Decker GR280C - blade in situ

I have a Black & Decker GR280C rotary lawn mower, which still works, but the blade keeps spinning loose once it’s switched off – as it decelerates, the bolt which holds the blade in place unscrews.

Black & Decker GR280C - blade and spanner

Can anyone suggest how this can be repaired, or a part replaced, before I have to junk the whole mower?

2 thoughts on “Poorly lawnmower

  1. srboisvert

    You could try some thread locking glue. It is a product that sort of glues bolts. It might help depending on how the bolt is coming loose. This will make maintenance or blade replacement difficult later on though.

    It’s handy stuff to have around.


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